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Susan C, Atlanta GA

I don't know what I would do without Lance and John at Professional Automotive Repair. Our  family has taken all our cars there for more than 10 years. The cars are quite old now (1999, 2000, and 2005 models) and they continue to run well. We're on a tight budget, and Professional Auto Repair works with us to find the best solution to car problems that are the least expensive ones. We appreciate them and all their help over the years. Highly recommended!

Lance and Professional Auto have helped me with all of the cars in our family.  They always put the customer first, they do a great job of explaining all our options if a repair is needed and they are transparent and honest.  This is the only place I go for my automotive needs!

Mark R, Atlanta GA

Chrisitan S, Candler Park

If there was a way to give more than five stars on a review, I would gladly take advantage of the feature for this auto repair business. Perhaps there is no other widely used business in the world that offers so many opportunities to take advantage of a customer than a mechanic's or car repair business. The vast majority of people just do not know much about how or why their car is not working properly. I have spent my whole life dreading the endless dance from mechanic to mechanic, trying to find someone I TRUST. Well, I am extremely happy to report that I have found that diamond in the rough with Lance and the rest of the crew at Professional Auto Repair.

After my old car completely died, and I was facing some serious financial issues, I was forced to buy, yet again, another very used car. When you spend just a little over $2,000 on a car, you know that it will need breaks, a tune-up, tires rotated, etc. I am now dealing with my third, separate car issue and am beyond happy knowing that Lance and Professional Auto Repait are taking care of it. They don't try to sell you on extra stuff. They are the most honest people I have ever come across in this business. When I brought my car in to have brakes replaced, I told them to replace it all. However, after driving it and putting it up on the rack, Lance came back into the perfectly arranged waiting room and told me that while the rotors were bad (I expected), the brake pads themselves were fine and didn't need replacing (I didn't expect that). Any other car shop would have gladly charged me the extra labor for the brake pads, especially because I asked for them to be replaced.

Not only are these guys honest and very good at what they do, but their customer service is simply the best. They take walk-ins (or drive-ins) when there is an emergency but they are incredibly good about scheduling appointment times that are most convenient for you. In the past, even with an appointment time, I have always had a friend follow me to the auto repair place so that I didn't have to wait while it was being fixed because it always took a very long time. Not here. I love the efficiency with which these guys work. If Lance tells you he can have you in and out in under two hours, you are out of there in less than two hours. Plus, I have gotten a lot of work done on my computer while waiting there. Their Wi-Fi signal is strong. They offer plenty of complimentary soda and drink options. Lance is always checking in to make sure you are apprised of what is happening with your car and making sure you have your coffee or whatever else you need.

I will always use these guys for any future car needs. I will gladly recommend them to anyone and feel a bit of pride about knowing that I have found a rare gem in Atlanta and am passing it along to my friends and family. The days of extensive internet searches and calling around for the best deals are over. Professional Auto Repair on Monroe is the best and only place for me.

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